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Isaiah 40:31
"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary, They will walk and not be faint."

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Testimonies/Praise Reports

"Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song"! Psalm 95:1 & 2


Thank you for allowing God to use you! This is definitely a word for me. God is so awesome! ST, Washington DC

Wow wow wow wow wow! I just finished some time in devotion and prayer. Afterword, I read your eWord. Your eWord is almost identical to what God showed me. WOW!! He even took me to the passage in Luke 1:26 where the story of Mary and Christ's birth begin. I am amazed, floored, and in awe of God's goodness. I get such a thrill when He confirms His word through another person or means, as He did just now via your email. It's his reassurance that I am hearing His voice. It is very encouraging, invigorating and inspiring! Thank you, Minoli, for your eWord and for sharing it. Thank you for your ministry. May God bless you as you have blessed so many others, including me. KS, Washington DC.

Thank you for your continual obedience to the Lord in sending His very dear messages to His children. There is not one message our beloved Father has sent through you that has been short of His awesome power and love.  You are doing such a great work for Him and Heaven takes notice.  It is undeniable that the Lord richly blesses you for your obedience and sacrifice even during tough times and tears. In spite of it all, you continue to push through.  Your pressing forward has impacted many dear souls even those who are silent.  His outpour and shower of kingdom wisdom and treasures in you and your ministry will be great. It will not be ordinary but supernatural. JQ, MD

Fantastic messages - like a massage to the inner man! BJ, India

I'm enjoying reading your weekly eWord. Thank you for producing them. I feel like they are directly aligned with what the Lord has been speaking to me, and the words very much minister to my heart.  JF, Washington DC

Wonderful, very encouraging and inspiring word from the Lord, thank you! RS, Virginia

God bless you and thank you very much for today's and the previous eWord. They were Rhema to me, confirming what God was speaking to me that day, week, season. Blessings in abundance. AC, Sri Lanka

I thank God for you and especially for encouraging me throughout the year through your weekly eword, every word that has been sent out has helped me to put my trust in God, I thank God for you because each weekly word has specifically met my need and helped to increase my faith in my God. CS, West Africa

This is a beautiful message and I really needed to hear that. I thank God for using you in a mighty way to speak to our hearts! Mrs KB, Sri Lanka

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Minoli.  Your (the Lord's) devotionals here are beautiful. Ms L, Florida

Thank you very much. My heart is ablaze - excited as I read your prophetic utterance! Glory to God in the highest! Ms A, Sri Lanka.

I always think how pure and "simply Jesus" your writings are. Thank you as always for this sweet aroma through your writing of our beautiful Jesus! (Ms L, Florida)

Thank you very much for the blessed eWord which completely lifted my spirit today! SS, Sri Lanka

Today's was a powerful and excellent message! Thank you and God bless you! SF, California

Thank you so much for your continual ministry through the eWord. I treasure them. I have been longing for restoration and your call to amp up continuous prayer and praise is much needed! I am so grateful. I started singing your eWord immediately, as a prayer. "He is the God of the impossible, the One who parted the Red Sea for His people, and provided manna in the desert for 40 years. He is the same Lord who resurrected Lazarus and brought down the wall of Jericho. He is the Name above every name, the King of kings and there is nothing He cannot do. Things will never be the same again because He is making all things new, hallelujah!.. All glory and honor to the King!" I keep singing it and declaring it and believing for my future in this place of darkness. ES , Michigan

Your messages strengthen me every time I read them! Thank you for sharing what the Lord is saying.DJ, Virginia

I want to mention how much the eWord has been a great blessing to me, even "No More Weeping", and back in 2013 in Dec there was another one that really spoke into my spirit! PB, Florida

It is really inspiring to read your messages and I always feel special after reading them! DA, India .

I really need to thank you for the wonderful inspiring messages that have spoken to me and touched me right to the very depths of my heart. They have been so encouraging when the storms have surrounded me and shown me how to dance in the rain. Even todays eWord has been so real and speaks so much to me to make me understand that we are the Light of the World. God bless you. Mrs H- Sri Lanka

Thanks again for all the amazing encouraging words and messages. I Really am blessed and have also sent them to a friend who is always incredibly blessed by all of your messages. NA, Sri Lanka

This eWord is right from the Father God's heart! I was so blessed to read it. Thank you and may the Lord bless you, your family and ministry abundantly. ID, Bahrain

Your message "It is finished" is for me. I have been so blessed! TL, California

Your e-word this week just speaks to my heart .... BD, Sri Lanka

Your ministry is a huge blessing and the Lord will uphold it by the power of His might. OO, Nigeria

I just want to thank God for this resurrection e-Word. I have been blessed and encouraged. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ greatly bless you and your ministry. CS, Uganda.

Although I may not communicate with you as often as I should, I want you to know that your messages have been an inspiration to me and they keep me going in difficult times. Ms DA, India

I have been so touched and inspired by your weekly eWords and always hear from Father God when I read them. SM, Washington DC

What a timely, apt word from the Lord. Thank you! RS, Virginia.

What a fantastic message, how uplifting and inspiring is this!! (Part 9 of the 23rd Psalm). Ms SH, Sri Lanka

God spoke to me through the eWord! It was wonderful. He confirmed to me some of the things which He had spoken to me, and as I read it I felt my heart being filled with the LOVE of my FATHER IN HEAVEN! God bless you, and may He continue to use you for His glory and to bring hope and love to the hearts of many of His children. IM, Bahrain.

Your messages really touch my heart as I read them each week. FR, Sri Lanka

Thank you so much for another beautiful Word to the Body of Christ & in season. I do not know anyone who uses the words Daddy, Papa & Abba Father as much as you do & I think that is awesome because I personally really cherish my "Daddy" & son relationship with my Heavenly Daddy. Thank you! CG, Australia

Each week your weekly devotion has given me hope and encouragement to keep going, and against all odds God did a miracle for me. It is an absolute miracle! Each time your devotion would have a timely word for me to keep going! Thank you. TP, Australia

We are so blessed to receive your eWord and I have been using some of your content whilst ministering to others. Keep up the excellent work and God bless you abundantly. CG, Australia.

Just a note to say that your eWord was very encouraging to me.Every week there is something there to remind me of the goodness of God and helps me to focus on that. May God continue to provide you with the timely word that sustains all those who are seeking. Mrs W, Canada

Your weekly eWord has been a life changing message. Thank you so much. Mr O, Nigeria.

This week’s e-word has been so encouraging & touching. I really feel like God has spoken to me. Mrs R, Sri Lanka

This week's message is phenomenal as always. What a flow of the Spirit in and through your writings. Thank you! Ms L, Florida.

Many are being blessed with your messages. I forward them to about 10 people, and their lives are changing too! Your messages are really helpful in daily life so please do continue to send them to me. Ms M, Negombo


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the weekly eWord, it has inspired, encouraged and strengthened my faith through the word of the LORD that you so diligently bring to us. AL, Colombo

This week’s message has been very inspiring. Every week I wait eagerly to read your message. Thank you & May God Bless you. NS, Sri Lanka

Thank you so much for this week's eWord. It was a life saver. Your love, service and dedication to the LORD is amazing and a testimony to my life. TP, Australia

A fantastic message! I felt it was written solely for me. I am praying for courage to look at the storms in my life. Mr J, India

The eWords of the past two weeks are simply awesome and blessed messages. I have no words to explain but I have been reading them over and over, and the Lord is speaking to me through these messages. I am simply overjoyed, claiming these promises & walking in these blessings. I thank and praise the Lord for choosing you and blessing you with these messages. Every week the eWords are very appropriate and simply the best. MsG, Sri Lanka

The Lord has a great sense of humor and He is indeed the living God! I read this week's eword yesterday and it was just words to me. However, today I was caught in a situation which caused me much concern and worry, and today the words speak to me where I am consoled and strengthened. I just want you to know that. I thank you for the weekly e-word you diligently provide every week and also our loving Father who tells us what HE wants us to know.... Mrs A, Sri Lanka

Thank you for this weeks message, I was so blessed. This message was a confirmation to what the Lord spoke to me a few days ago, to move forward with the rod of authority He has already given to me for breakthroughs in my life. Instead of crying about my situation and getting weary, I need to (like David) exalt the Lord with His Word, Name and Blood. Bless you for the gift of revelation God has given and trust all is well with you. Mrs P, Australia

In whatever format the eWords come, these are always filled with the Spirit and His Love - Wow! - Ms T, Maryland.

Once more your Eword was just what my soul and spirit needed. Even as I commence my ministry God keeps giving me words to the effect that I am to be like David. Therefore your word and the image of David always in the secret place, always drawing on the presence of the Lord is so beautiful to read, meditate and inscribe in my heart. May God richly bless you and lift you higher on His wings to achieve greater things for HIM. Mrs S, Australia

I saw that "unsubscribe" button at the bottom and thought, "HA, whoever would NOT want to receive these so powerful messages would be crazy!" (smile). Again, Minoli, so right on time and true. BLESS you... TL, Washington DC

Thanks for your eWords which always inspire me so much. They make my eyes fill with tears, as most of it is as though God was speaking to me ..... It is so touching and I cannot mention in words the feelings when I read them. You are truly blessed. NK, Sri Lanka

I wanted to tell you that this week's eWord is exactly what I needed and I'm so blessed that the Holy Spirit used you to tell me. Firstly, I need to put God above all else, even my loves. Second, recently I lost something and I am praying God uses my sorrow and blesses me in a way I've never imagined. I am going to keep believing. Thank you for the encouragement and for listening to the Holy Spirit in you. I needed a wake-up call back to my God, my Beloved, and I am grateful for your words this week. ES, Wisconsin

I am so blessed when I read your messages that I want to get them regularly. Ms J, Arlington

Thank you for such a beautiful message, just as I was praying for the Lord's guidance and His Lordship over a betrayal I am facing with a good customer of mine. I wanted more than anything for this matter to be solved but not at the risk of sinning against the Lord and I was very sad. Your message really did help me to see it in a different perspective and I now trust this into my Father's hands. I thank Him for the message and hope He will continue the good work through you. A, Colombo

This week's eWord, for some reason, touched the very core of my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I thanked our Heavenly Father and asked Him to keep blessing you. AE, Canada

Even though I do not always acknowledge your messages I must say they make me feel so good and re-awakened. I have been going through this stage where I feel I am really not placing my trust in God completely , and whenever I read your mail I make up my mind to be more of a "believer" than just a stereotypical person doing everything that I have been taught to do but not actually BELIEVING in the power of God. Your eWord keeps me on track and makes me look again at where I need to improve. Thank you Minoli. May God bless you for what you are doing to propagate His word. A, Australia

This is to let you know how this week's eWord lifted me up from the confusion and despair I was in for a few months. Your word for this week encouraged me immensely to continue to trust, to worship God, and to be thankful. I was blessed! AM, Canada.

As I read the weekly eWord today, tears kept pouring down my face as I felt the Spirit touching my heart and speaking to me! Thank you! SH, Virginia.

Praise God for your positive words, your compassion, and your ministry. MB, USA

Today, I walked back home slowly, weeping to myself , speaking to God, not bothered if people on the road saw my lips moving, heavily burdened with things which I have no power to sort out, too tired in my mind to read any e-mails, but I had a cup of tea , rested for a while and opened the e-Word. God spoke! RDS, Colombo

I came to know you through an article that my friend had emailed to me and then I stumbled across your writing which I believe was the work of the Holy Spirit. Your words of encouragement have been so encouraging and so timely for me. There are like arrows from the heart of God. Thank you and God bless you. E. Faithwriters.

Your eWord is strengthening me every week. SM, Sri Lanka

My family and I are blessed abundantly by your weekly e-Word. Thank you & God bless you. GJ, Sri Lanka

This eWord was exactly what I needed to hear this week! KJ, (Virginia)

I thank God for the eWord of the last 2 weeks. God has really spoken to me through this and I feel really encouraged . It is amazing to know that we serve a God who is genuine and faithful. As mentioned by you - Yes, He is indeed the GOD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. We are overcomers because of Him, and not victims. Wow - what a marvellous God!!! Thank you for sharing such inspiring messages. May God continue to guide you and anoint you in your ministry . Thanks - RP (UK)

Thanks for your lovely eWord. It is just what I needed, as I was in fear. It renewed my spirit with hope ! AJ, Colombo

I visited your website and realized what a blessing it is and how much God is reaching out to the world through you. RC, S.Africa

Thank You so much for the message " Your Prayer is Heard". It was very relevent to me at this point of my life. May God Bless you & inspire you to do the wonderful work you are doing. NS, Sri Lanka.

What an awesome message! Your messages are very timely to many who receive them. Often they are life savers!!! Although you do not hear from us regularly, the messages are well received and very much appreciated. EF, Colombo.

Thank you very much for the weekly eWord. I really wanted you to know how it helps me! For some reason I hadn't seen this week's message in my inbox. Today the number of unopened mail got my attention, and I started reading the message. It was just what I needed, because today I heard some news that would have made me really sad if not for the Words of Jesus. I know He is strengthening me and desiring that I look ahead and hold on to His promises, not at a past that is dead. TdeJ, Sri Lanka.

This is an awesome message and I am certain that it was a blessing to many. I knew it was for me, when I opened the email and eagerly read the eWord (twice). I also forwarded the email to a friend and have included his response below: "I have decided to stay inspired and in the 'expectation' mode......the scripture was the respite I needed" May God bless you, NS, (Virginia)

The eWord was awesome today. When I get your eWord on Tuesdays it is always a reinforcement to the Sunday morning sermon that I heard�. Amazing! Thank you so much... KP (Colombo)

I want to thank you for the eWords that you send. They are so very encouraging and have blessed me always. This week's message has been so appropriate for the situation that I am encountering at present, and for those that I have encountered in the recent past. God bless you for this! N, Sri Lanka

Greetings in the beautiful name of our Lord Jesus. I just wanted to say that we are truly blessed by your weekly eWords. We see the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon each of the messages that you share. Too often these days the whole counsel of God is not communicated but just a single faceted message. In your messages however we see truth as well as the love/mercy of God. How can we ever tie Him into a single box or role when He is so overwhelming & encompassing ...Saviour, King, Father, Judge, husband of our Soul, Most Holy & best friend just to name a few. Thank you & May God continue to bless & use you & your family for His Glory. AN, Sri Lanka.

I have enjoyed your weekly eWord so much,and may the Lord bless you much more. Susan, Rwanda.

Thank you so much for the message today. I loved every word of it. God spoke to me and I feel renewed - like I understand that I am here for a purpose and that all these responsibilities that I have (although too much at times) are a part of God's plan, and the reason for me being where I am. I tell you in all honesty that you spoke of everything that I am going through right now! PP, Sri Lanka

This message encouraged me so much. I've been stumbling upon Psalm 23 a lot lately. You have no idea how much God is using you for His kingdom and for His people. I tell you because I am one of them He's blessing through you! K (Colombo)

Thank you for enriching our lives with God's Word - it has truly been a comfort, encouragement, strength, hope and source of love in 2009 and I very much look forward to greater heights in 2010! Sh (Sri Lanka)

Today's message was very encouraging. It really spoke to me in a situation that I am in at this very moment. Thank you and bless you. SW (Colombo)

I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your eWord. I have been receiving it for a quite a bit of time now and I believe it is inspired by God. I'm sure it has been a blessing to everyone who reads. DS (Washington DC)

Thank you for God's Message, it was very encouraging. Yes it is true that we often experience panic when we see the storms and look for a quick fix and immediate escape, which eventually not only denies us having a wonderful experience with our LORD but also the lessons and blessings we receive. The following re-energized me and motivated me to look at problems in a new way: "The revelation of God is often behind a storm! Ezekiel saw the windstorm approaching and if he had run away from it, or hidden his face, he would have never seen the higher things he was meant to witness. Let us not run away from the unexpected storms in our lives. Let us not hide in fear. As we face them squarely, standing where God placed us and not retreating from the troubles that seem to arise from different directions, God has higher ground for us, and greater spiritual revelation and authority. There can be power behind the problem!" I pray that God almighty will continue to use you in this Ministry. M (Sri Lanka)

I Just wanted to thank you and and let you know that your e-Word really encouraged me this week. I have been having disturbing and threatening dreams. I just know that negativity is satan's medium to trip us up. All my anxieties were put to rest just reading the eWord and affirming it in my life. That's the second time this week I received that Word from Isaiah 46. I Just wanted to praise God and thank you for bringing that to me. HB (India)

The time I received your eWord "God of the Impossible" I was feeling very downcast, depressed and miserable. When I read the message, I felt God was speaking to me to trust Him, and felt very uplifted and blessed. I look forward to these messages weekly. I am so blessed to receive them. CP (Australia)

I felt like this week's eWord was written especially for me. In the paragraph that you talked about choosing to distance one's self from the Lord, it could've been written in my biography! For many years, I chose to go the opposite direction of what God wanted out of me. I was going down the wrong path, but I know that God never gave up on me. He continued to pursue me even when I was bad. For that, I am eternally thankful. If I could live my life like that and God still wanted me, loved me, and didn't give up on me, I know that I know that I know, he won't give up on me in the future. How awesome is that!! I like the analogy of a father holding his child while walking down the street. Paints a nice picture. Thanks again. May God continue to bless this ministry. SB (Washington DC)

I iust want to say thank you for the ministry of the Word on Wings Like Eagles. A friend of mine in Singapore forwarded the link to me at a trying time in March this year and I have been greatly enriched by this ministry. Most times I�ve been visiting the site during office break times, times when one really needs to hear an encouraging faith Word, I believe. I�ve quoted an excerpt from 'Stairway to Heaven' � Part 3 �Many Christians obey God's Word selectively (especially when it comes to finances), and this is not really obedience. As a result, many people never truly walk in the full potential of the blessing of God, and never see His abundant favor flowing into their lives. Obedience in the area of tithes and offerings may often open the way to breakthrough in other areas of our lives as well.� This was for me the key lesson�for more times than I�d like to remember, when it came to financially giving to the Lord, I obeyed partialy and calculatingly. As I sat in my room with illness and physical pain having been in my life from last October from one ailment after another, I had finally come to a place of divine reckoning in the area of my finances. A verse from Luke chapter 12 came to mind like a jolt ��But God said �You fool! This very night your soul is required of you and now who will own what you have?� I thank and praise our heavenly Father for His many, many 'second chances' in my life and I pray that I will stay on the narrow road from now on. YM (Sri Lanka)

Today the Word spoke especially to me. I am constantly under pressure, with things to do - working, taking care of a 7 month old, and trying to meet financial obligations as my husband travels for work and we have no relatives here. Everyday I have a relentless schedule, and I barely have time to cast a frantic eye across the Word before I scramble off to where I am needed, and this is not how it's supposed to be! Your eWord is like a little oasis. Do keep on doing what you do, even if some of us don't often have the time to send our appreciation! C (Washington DC)

From about the middle of last year , my cry has been to be set part to be holy and enter into a more intimate relationship with my beautiful God than ever before. Around September to November I began to hear His voice to come apart and stop any ministries in which I may be involved. God wanted me to come apart from the world and its social demands. I was to sit at his feet and learn more and more from His Word. Social functions became a bore and I had a battle to have to say 'no'. Circumstances happened where my husband and children began to look at me as if I was stranger whom they had better distance themselves from! A prayer ministry which was just developing into 5-10 prayer cells was abruptly stopped by the Minister himself. The prayers were too Spirit filled he felt!! All this was so painful, and I cried and cried. Just then I read the eWord for the week from this website and the episode was where Gideon was asked to break the high altars before entering victory. As I read the inspired message to this Scripture, everything about me and what was happening suddenly made clear sense. God was removing all attachments/ ministries in places where it was no longer needed and all that was required was my heart and soul to be devoted to hear His voice. I thank God for His word through the Wings like Eagles website and the peace that has reigned in my life since then. HS (Melbourne, Australia)

I have been blessed by your Weekly eWord, and thought I must share it with you as a word of Encouragement for the blessing you have been to us all. A few weeks back, our church in Malaysia began a Prayer Chain, and that Sunday the Sermon was on the importance of prayer. What particularly spoke to me was the Interpretation of the story of the woman with the Issue of blood. She did not care whom she touched as she was unclean in that culture at that time,and pressed in till she touched the hem of Jesus' garment, and she was healed. Her persistance was rewarded. The next day, Monday, I opened your Weekly Devotional, and believe it or not it was on prayer, and persisting in prayer.I was really bowled over, and I even forwarded it to our Pastor's wife, for her to read and be blessed, and to realise that we are on the right track! This is not the first time your weekly word has spoken to me. Almost always God has spoken to me through your eWord, and I want to praise and thank God, for your commitment, and for hearing His Voice, so we too could be blessed. Please continue to send it to us, and I pass it on wherever necessary. May God bless you, your family, and your ministry, as we are drawn closer to Jesus, and many come to a Saving Knowledge of our Saviour. Mrs CA (Malaysia)

I have been going through a challenging and testing time at work and was in need of a pick-up when I received this week's eWord. It encouraged and inspired me! Miss H (Colombo)

Thank you for praying for me. I thank God for His Healing upon my life! I suffered a 3rd degree burn on my foot, and for over three months it would not heal despite the medication. I was getting discouraged because I was unable to wear proper shoes which was necessary in the cold winter weather. However, God sent His Word and healed my disease! After prayer with the laying on of hands (as in Mark 16:18) God touched me, and my foot was healed! Maria (Virginia)

I was truly blessed by the messages of the last two weeks. Yesterday the devil was tormenting me with negative thoughts about my heath as I had been having pain in my hand for over a week. As I had not read the weekly eWord, I thought I needed to read your message right then. It seemed so appropriate that I felt God talk to me directly that He was in control and that he was going to fight my battle, and all I needed to do was trust the Lord. I thank God for speaking to me through the Word from Wings like Eagles. JK (Sri Lanka)

I read the message from the Wings like Eagles web site each week, and really know that it is a result of the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Some times I am in tears all through the whole Word, or when I read parts of it. (I feel tears in my eyes when ever the Holy Spirit speaks to me). I want to thank and praise God for speaking to me many times through this Word; He often confirms what he has already told me when I read the eWord. Miss BS (Colombo)

The message from "Wings like Eagles" is really special this week and helped me to see myself and my shortcomings. Thank you so much. The words are so anointed by the Lord. Mrs BB (Sri Lanka)

The weekly messages from Wings like Eagles always make me feel that God is talking to me through you, and they strengthen me a lot. I Thank God for using you and for guiding us through His precious Word. N (Sri Lanka)

If the eWords from Rising On Wings have been a blessing to you, please do send your testimony. God is awesome!

If you do not as yet know this awesome personal God who loves you and wants to bless you, please do not leave this web site without experiencing the power point show 'Fellowship With God' and praying the prayer at the end of it. God loves you. He has a plan for your life!

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